Monday, January 02, 2006

About the Blogger

This is me. The only living character behind Sisuahlai.

I wanted to prove my mates wrong. I do know Hokkien despite living in UK for more than ten years! That was why I started this blog. I began writing on, on 13 January 2006 -- "Sisuahlai- the world's first online Hokkipedia".

I moved to the following day. Kuching people simply love freebies. Two weeks later, I am still writing. My 1000th visitor clocked in at midnight on Chinese New Year's Day.

There are some quality blog sites out there. To name a few.... there is Mr Kenny Sia, a fellow Kuchingite. Thanks for plugging my site, buddy.

Kenny, kudos! Nobody can compete with you... usually for fear of being disowned by the family. That ha-ha-ha video, did someone spike your Milo?

Then there is Xiaxue. One day, I want to meet this girl, she can really write for Singapore! Her genetically impossible long eye-lashes are Singapore's National Treasures.

Then my ex-classmate Jeremy C. Sisuahlai's Kuching Blogger of the Year.

These are inspirational bloggers. Now everyone wants to blog. Wa ma si ai.

This blog is more than just an opinion space for me. It is about the country, my Kuching Hokkien, our culture, the people, my friends and this beautiful gift known as life.

Love and peace. Sisuahlai.


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