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HUM v. to include, to bundle in
PALANG (origin?) possibly derived from the Malay word 'hamparan'
HUM-PALANG (see below)

My sincere apology to Siti, of mixed parentage. I was just joking when I wrote hum-palang means female genital slaps male genital. I owe you an explanation.

Hum (pronounced ham as in humming, not hoom) can be used in a vulgar sense meaning the proverbial clam, but not in this context. Hum, in this conjugated word, means to include or to bundle in.

Example of usage:

Your mum gave you some money to get her some durians. You went to the fruit market, and like always you got pestered to buy this and that. Until you bei tahan (cannot stand the persistent pester), you just picked the first 2 durians that caught your eyes. As the seller tied the 2 durians, he did it in slow motion, he continued trying to get you to buy the other fruits.

Seller: Buy these rambutans, they are not the wet variety. Buy these langsat, so sweet. Buy...

You: Hum langsat. Chik kilo. (include the langsat into the buy, just one kilo)

This is the basic usage of Hum. Although it means to include, avoid using it when talking to sensitive, older folks. It is a market word.

A more sophisticated use is when you combine Hum with Palang. It means something completely different. Together, hum-palang literally means 'everything, without discrimination'. Let's get back to the above scenario. And let's see the effect this word would have...

The seller ties the durians, in slow motion.

Seller: Buy these rambutans, they are not the wet variety. Buy these langsat, so sweet. Buy...

You: Hum-palang

At this point, you are expected to walk away NOT buying anything at all! You have just said to the seller, "YOU IDIOT! SELLING ALL KINDS OF RUBBISH STUFF, NOBODY WANT EVEN IF THEY ARE FREE! YOU SAD MAN! HELL WITH YOUR FRUITS!" in just three syllabi: HUM-PALANG.

It is actually an insult meaning 'hell to everything!' So use with care.



Blogger victor said...

hum-palang not a Cantonese phrase meh? Great blog man.

January 19, 2006 1:13 AM  
Blogger Edison said...

eh?? i thot... if the guy says hum plang 2 fruit seller.. it means that he wants 2 buy EVERYTHING??

n oh yea... isn't it a cantonese phrase? :0

January 20, 2006 1:25 PM  

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