Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ka Na Sai

KA adv. just
NA prep. like
SAI n. shit

Like Hokkien-speaking people, the phrase KA NA SAI is deeply under-appreciated and occasionally, misunderstood. This conjugated form of expression means 'just like shit'. The literal meaning is plain to see. But its application is often clumsy, and seldom accurate.

Common mis-uses/mis-applications:

I cannot believe she is representing Malaysia. Her face ka na sai.

Stop singing la. Your voice ka na sai.

Aunty, your son's English chin-chin ka na sai. Send him to tuition please. (chin-chin = really, truly)

Now, let me teach you the correct form of usage, so that you can utilise the full potential of this phrase.

I cannot believe she is representing Malaysia. KA NA SAI! Even I can enter.

This particular usage shows your disapproval, as well as a little bit of envy. Whereas saying her face ka na sai only indicates pure envy. Which puts you in a bad light.

Stop singing la. KA NA SAI!

Using the phrase like so produces an intense mental conflict to those you said it to. The person will automatically think as follows "Is my voice bad? Or is he saying the song is bad? I better stop singing." See, saying it properly can produce the desired effect, whereas saying "Your voice KA NA SAI" will generate dissatisfaction and provoke more singing frenzy.

Aunty, your son's English, chin-chin KA NA SAI.

No need to add, "send him to tuition", the phrase has such a devastating effect on its own. Don't compound her misery any more, be a little compassionate.

So give a little thought before you say KA NA SAI. Apply it appropriately and you will definitely get a satisfying outcome.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

now only i noe de real meaning of ka na sai -_-

July 27, 2007 10:46 AM  
Blogger ojibala said...

-_- looks like i mis-used it so many times already. hope to read your explanation about O-JI-BA-LA

February 28, 2008 3:19 PM  

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