Friday, January 13, 2006


LAHN n. male genital
LAHN-LAHN adj. (read below)

I really do not know the origin of that colourful word. Whatever it means, it is something we try really hard to avoid being. Even if you don't know Hokkien, you would still know enough, that you don't want to be lahn-lahn. I tested this hypothesis with my English colleagues. I asked them to choose which they thought was the more vulgar word: it's a toss-up between CCB and LL. Lahn-lahn gets the vote. Maybe we should test this hypothesis on a larger group sample, say 100 non-Hokkien speaking people. I thought it would CCB. I was wrong.

Lahn-lahn is an adjective. It describes the state of utter humiliation, the same feeling you get when you lose a debating contest to a bunch of girls, ahem, like SJS V STre 1993-4. BTW, I wasn't in the team, serve them right!

Lahn-lahn conjours the image of some guy waving his schlong in front of your face because you are a Loser. Unless, you like that kind of stuff, which would then make that guy a bigger Loser. Anyhow, the word is so vile, even babies cry hearing it. Try shouting lahn-lahn in front of any 4-year-olds, they would enter crying mode after 5 mins of continuous lahn-lahn chanting (personal experience).

According to

LAN LAN (Contributed by Minglun)
Hokkien term which literally translates as "penis, penis". It means to have no other choice.
"Gah'men say must do, we lan lan also must do."

Minglun, whoever you are, I think you si-beh damn wrong. Lahn-lahn means humiliation.

P/s Come back tomorrow, we will talk about LANTUI. Nothing vulgar, just a word.


Anonymous kae vin said...

lanh-lanh doesn't necessarily mean humiliation.

in penang it sometimes means something easy.


"wah, u score 11 A's in spm ar?"
"ma si lanh-lanh nia. eng kui lim jui"

hope u get wat i mean :)

January 25, 2006 10:31 AM  
Blogger letti said...'s been at least 5 years since i've heard lan lan - miss good ol' kuching, man. I WANT KOLO MEEEEEEEEEEE

November 22, 2006 4:08 AM  

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