Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ai Si Lo

AI v. want
SI adj. dead
tai (thai)
LO suffix

Hokkien-speaking people are incapable of expressing their deepest emotions without mentioning the word death, Si. Ai si lo means "close to death". It is a juvenile expression of deep concern.

This phrase is popular among kindergarten and primary school age-groups. Adults rarely use it. Example of everyday use :-

Little boy,"My father is having an affair with his secretary."

Little girl,"Ai si lo!"

Little boy,"I know. I scared my mum-mee will find out."

Little girl,"I know how you feel. My mum-mee is also having an affair, with my dad-dee's friend."

Little boy,"Si hio (is it)? Ai si lo."

Little girl,"Hai-ya. Sometimes ar, these grown-up people ar, behave just like chew-jren (children)."

Little boy,"Say also no use. By the way, have you done your drawing homework?"



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