Saturday, February 11, 2006


CHUAN adj. tired

We should stop ranting and cease all the kiu-kiu tiews on the controversial euthanasia of a local newspaper. Sarawak Tribune is just a name. Let's come up with something new. About time anyway. Disband the Sarawak Tribune Press Company and invite the same people back again, but back under a NEW COMPANY NAME. What so difficult? (Unless of course our PM says like that also cannot. Must listen to the Sensible one.)

Let me suggest some names:-

(1) Sarawak Daily
(2) Sarawak Recorder
(3) The New Sarawak Tribune (did they ban the Straits Times many many years ago, and some smart alec came up with the name The New Straits Times?)
(4) Sarawak Tabloid
(5) Sarawak Voice

Now please stop ranting about the Sarawak Tribune suspension. I hear also chuan. No need to be so dramatic, saying we have no freedom of speech and all. We live in Malaysia. Not America. I can live without the freedom to carry guns, freedom to hold Nazi rallies, and freedom to say publicly that you race-hate.

Although I agree we do have some really petty, paternalistic rules, but honestly, I rather this, than to live in a free-for-all-say-anything-you-like-because-this-is-your-mouth society.

Malaysia is OK. Sisuahlai Happy Happy.


Anonymous Ali said...

good on ya.

February 11, 2006 7:26 PM  

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