Sunday, February 05, 2006

Deep concerns for Malaysian "workers" in London

A Malaysian blogger recently wrote about the worrying trend of Malaysians, who speak minimal English and with education no higher than mid-secondary school level, immigrating to the UK to find work.

I do not have any official figures, but to be fair to Malaysians in the UK, only a minority of them over-stayed their visas, worked illegally and founds themselves involved in the triad-run flesh trade. The majority of them are in legitimate businesses, full-time education and hold genuine intentions to better themselves.

5xmom posted this on her blog:

So, tell me. If you are young and reckless, with little education, not fluent in English, never travel out of the country, do you dare to fly all the way to UK?

The answer is YES if I am young and reckless. But the ones who are involved in illegitimate work are precisely the ones who are desperate and reckless.

She made this following point:

I would have told the(ir) moms about the lucrative job of prostitutes. Or their sons can earn easy money ferrying drugs. Because, tiu, if their kids can survive waitressing (that’s what most claim), they can easily earn decent money in their own father’s establishments. (the fathers have small businesses of their own) They can do legal work, albeit a harder one here in Malaysia. Why do something as risky as this?

I share her concerns about Malaysians working illegally as prostitutes. These people are, more often than not, coerced into this industry. It is far more difficult to run away from this if you are overseas, and worse, staying abroad without a valid visa. This makes coming forward and seeking legal help even more difficult.

If you google on "Malaysian Escort in UK", you will have a good idea, that these are not unfounded concerns. 5xmom is right to worry for her friends' missing-in-UK kids.

These are Malaysian agency ladies in London. They work for an introducing agency who probably takes half of their earnings. Half an hour's work is an average month's pay in Malaysia for these girls. So 5xmom, it is clear to see that it is a lot harder to prevent Malaysians from coming abroad to work as an escort if these are the money that they are getting.

The only way we can stop them is by convincing them that MALAYSIA IS A BETTER PLACE TO WORK AND LIVE IN. Maybe we should get one of these agency ladies to write about their work experience. Do you know any?



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