Friday, February 24, 2006

More on Malaysian Big Foot

Now it's NST turn for the Sisuahlai Treatment: Creature prefers cool spot

After hours of painstakingly pieced together evidence, a local bio-diversity scientist concluded: The Big Foot Prefers Cool Spot!

Quite an earth-shaking discovery (this pun IS intended!). Ok.

Sisuahlai wants to form his own conclusions too on the Big Foot phenomenon, based on hours of Discovery Channel watching:

Big Foot

(1) Has travelled from North America to Peninsular Malaysia, most probably on a leisure cruise disguised as a ship captain

(2) Finds Malaysian weather better, more suited for the hairy costume

(3) Believes Malaysian Press is more susceptible to hoaxes

(4) Finds Malaysian cangkul very effective in uprooting trees

Nice papier mache work.

Sisuahlai is not a myth. I think.


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