Monday, February 13, 2006

Tan Khu-Khu

TAN v. wait
ror (thai)
KHU adj. long
nan (thai)

Ah Chee: You want me to ask that girl out for Valentine's! Tan khu-khu. She is a blogger. I scared she report everything on the net. Afterward I become popular, for the wrong reason.

Ah Meng: No need to be scared. Just tell her that you are actually Sisuahlai. He can also report back on his blog. So same-same.

Ah Chee: Your idea beh pai lei. (beh pai lei= not so bad, lei is a suffix)

Ah Meng: Helping a friend to get a girl, no problem. You can count on me.

Ah Chee: How about you?

Ah Meng: Dating girl, me? Tan khu-khu. I am too kesi for that. (kesi=cool)

Ah Chee: You gay is it?

Ah Meng: Better spend money on myself than on a girl. Can't stand emotions.

There. Tan khu-khu means wait long-long (a superexaggerator word again, see SI BAY NAP). It is used to dismiss a suggestion. And in Kuching, it is common for closet gay men to say that they are too kesi for girls.

Not so kesi. Sisuahlai.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

synonym : ban ban tan

heheee... love your site!

February 16, 2006 11:44 AM  

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