Saturday, March 18, 2006


KEI-SI adj. cool

The stolen script from the Malaysian-Russian Joint Space Project:

In the event of a successful space launch and when the Russians say that you are in Official Space Territory, you, Mr *******, the first Malaysian in Space, must read the following:

Malaysia Boleh! Malaysia Boleh! We did it! I must thank the Yang Amat Berhormat Malaysian Prime Minister, the Rakyat and my family for giving me this golden opportunity. My success is a team success. My team is Malaysia. Malaysia boleh. (Now look at the Russian cosmonauts and say the previous sentences, in Russian, but add the following...) The Russian Space Agency has given me such an excellent Space training. We will not succeed without their help. Spasibo. Spasibo.

In the event of a failed launch, you must then read the following:

I am held against my will in foreign territory. I have been given inadequate preparation, and all the buttons here are written in Russian. But like Hang Tuah, I won't despair, I will randomly press all buttons and hopefully my luck and your prayers will get me out of trouble.

Ok, I made that up. But every astronaut should have an alternative script.

Malaysia Boleh. Sisuahleh.


Blogger FH2O said...

No need alternative script!

If failed launch means - semau si liao! :(

Posthumous Datukship anyone? chia lat! ;)

Still wanna be Kei-si? or Kay-leng Kei-si! heehee

March 17, 2006 5:00 PM  

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