Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Kuching, the World's First Smoking-free City

HUN-KI n. cigarrette

Sisuahlai says smoking should be banned in public places. Liberty? What liberty? Liberty to pollute the air that non-smokers have to breathe?

Smoking also impairs concentration and judgment. Don't believe?

Anti-smoking March. Sisuahlai.

Need help to quit smoking? Aim your mouse here.


Anonymous Amelia said...

Hear! Hear! Sisuahlai!

Opps! Hope that none of your readers who smokes will "pak-si" Amelia. ;) hehe

March 01, 2006 5:46 AM  
Blogger Wuching said...

agree with u sisuahlai, smokers should be locked away & throw away the keys!

March 01, 2006 5:46 AM  
Anonymous Vanquish said...

Its oklar. Smokers have rights too.They have the right to contribute to the government's coffers.hehe As long as they dont smoke too near me.

March 01, 2006 8:26 AM  
Anonymous QUaVadis said...

Amelia, hmmmm.....not sending u anything from Kch......

Without us smokers, the coffers will be definitely thinner, consider us paying for the heavily reduced fuel subsidies...or else the price of petrol will be 2:50 per litre or on smoking to keep the fuel prices low...hahaha

March 01, 2006 9:42 AM  
Blogger Jeremy C said...

hehe...pls dun lock me away :(

March 01, 2006 10:14 AM  
Anonymous Vanquish said...

Nice pic of Satok Suspension Bridge before the collapse. Miss the bridge ler.hehe

March 01, 2006 10:48 AM  
Anonymous QuaVadis said...

vanquish: Wah Bah Chiu nah si boh salah, the bridge in the picture kah lau per London Bridge is Falling Down... hehehe...(translation: If my eyes are not wrong, the bridge as shown in the picture is the one that's collapsed already)

March 01, 2006 11:30 AM  
Anonymous Vanquish said...

I was refering to the first pic. Anyway,both pics looks nice. A sense of nostalgia...

March 01, 2006 2:13 PM  
Blogger FH2O said...

"Bai Sai Kook Hun"
Tsk tsk tsk! How can u leave this out?

Lu Pin Tuah ar?
Or mental lethargy - health hazards of a passive smoker?

March 01, 2006 2:54 PM  
Anonymous QuaVadis said...


Oops!!! Guess I smoked too much and kuah mingkia be chun liau..cough cough..soli ah

March 03, 2006 11:44 AM  

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