Monday, April 10, 2006

State censorship

JENG HU n. government

In typical Singaporean Government style, Singaporean bloggers are now censored from discussing political issues and advertising party politics in the run-up to the country parliamentary election, unless they register their internet sites for state monitoring. If you fail to understand the logic of registering blog-sites for this purpose, don't worry, you are not alone.

This is a perfect recipe for creating a society that is bland, sterile and brain-dead with political apathy.

Bland like chips... anyone?

I guess there is nothing wrong about being bland. It's like growing up in a strict, traditional Asian family household. Other variation of thoughts and morals are frown upon because these are untested and unproven (unlike a popular Singaporean political party, see its website tagline), therefore we must not try anything new. I wonder if we ever gonna find a pioneering Singaporean figure in anything these days...

Time to put on our thinking hats and don't fall into the same trap, my fellow Malaysians.

N.B. Helen, I guess long piak is a suitable expression for this kind of censorship. It is suffocating, hopeless and patronising.


Anonymous Amelia said...

Aiyoh! Difficult-lah!
Public display of affection already can kena trouble...what more to say...this?
Even giving one's opinion, in one's confined workplace, is difficult & a sensitive issue over here...especially where power-hungry authorities are concerned.
Of course, I agree that there's a need for change... definitely for the better :)

April 10, 2006 5:12 AM  
Anonymous Laksa said...

hey bro, you've been nominated into my top 10 list. Congrats!

April 10, 2006 11:01 AM  
Anonymous Amelia said...

I voted for you already. :)

April 10, 2006 1:16 PM  

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