Friday, July 07, 2006

Ridiculous comments by a Minister

LUAN-LUAN LAI adj. rush, rush (thanks for prompting, Francis)

My response to The Star Online report: Cut Out Suicide Scenes.

Deputy Women, Family and Community Minister Datuk G. Palanivel argued that suicide scenes in Indian films can influence people to do the same! This was in response to a tragic incident where an Indian mother was suspected to have led her young children to their death by dragging them to a railroad track; she and her two young daughters were killed by a passing train.
No doubt, this is a terrible tragedy. But to argue that suicide scene in movies might have influenced her decision is terribly short-sighted, ill-thought knee-jerk risposte to this tragic circumstance.
Any person, important enough, good enough to hold such ministerial role must first sit back and analyse the event carefully before making any conclusion. Please don't make a habit of passing rash judgment based on sentiments and the mood-of-the-day!
We, Malaysians, will be censoring opinions and artistic expressions willy-nilly if Datuk P. would have it his ways. There will be no stories or movies on wars. There will be no stories or movies about the mind-set of criminals. There will be no stories or movies on domestic violence and racial inequality.
I think we are mature enough to form our daily decisions without being dictated by movies or stories. We do not want a North Korean-style management of national media and entertainment.
Instead we should learn to identify the vulnerable section of the community and learn to offer help appropriately. We should reach out and provide support to those who are at risk of committing deliberate self-harm. Banning certain scenes in movies, I can tell you, is not the answer or support they are looking for!
Now, Datuk P., I hope you can see my argument. Best be silent if one does not have anything constructive to offer.


Blogger FH2O said...


What's the hokkien word for this post?

Luan Luan Kong? or
Chiak Sai?

July 06, 2006 2:38 PM  
Anonymous Hijackqueen said...

Wah, everyting also censored want to see waht?

July 07, 2006 11:23 AM  
Anonymous m.o.t.t. said...

wahh..u very good london, but still read the star ah...why? entertainment arrr????

u r right. stewpid MPs. one upset n throw tantrum like toddler coz he din get his merc..the other, watch too much telly!!!!!!! all so bodoh!! tada kerja ah!!!!!

sorry 4's been a trying day!

July 07, 2006 1:41 PM  

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