Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Singapore, Malaysia, Dr M - happy happy can?

THIK-KEE adj. stubborn, arrogant (literally meaning "metal tooth")

Reading Saturday 15 July's Star Online: Setting the Record Straight (and the publication of classified correspondence between Dr M's admin and Singapore government) with some sadness, and then laughter, and then sadness and then laugh some more.

Why so much bad blood between Singapore and Malaysian politicians? And between Dr M. and the current Malaysian Government?

Aiya. Happy happy sing song play guitar. No need for this sort of thik-kee attitude. Here is Sisuahlai's open letter to every politicians, now and former, in Malaysia and Singapore.

Dear Ministers,

You were elected to run the country well, and frankly, you haven't done a bad job (if this was a TV show, this is when I would have pressed for the canned applause, for 2 seconds).

But remember, you are not flawless and indispensable. So please listen to us; there is always room to improve, I'm sure you'd agree.

There is no need to hold Singaporean people at ransom because of water issue. Poor thing, they haven't a big enough desalination plant. The country is only small-small. Quite koh-lian in fact, size wise. Charge them reasonably according to the going rate plus some friendly discount. They will always be Malaysian's neighbour, whether you like it or not. This is not a Monopoly game where you can move and sell lands, Singapore will always be a land south of Johore whether you like it or not. Price the water so it will suit them and keep the Republic happy. They are, I am sure, very grateful people. I have full confidence that they will repay us in unexpected ways, even though it might not be in monetary terms. I have never given durians to my neighbours, and later finding them throwing the seeds back in my garden... we are nice people, they are also nice people.

There is no issue about the railway linking Singapore and Malaysia. The Singapore PM is quite chin-chai with Malaysian's proposals. He is happy with Malaysian proposals, so good sign.

The causeway issue, crooked or not, the old one really need to be replaced. Everyone can see that this has to be done sooner or later. Dr M. wants Singapore to share the cost of building the bridge. Singapore agreed. So far so good. But because both nations could not settle on the issue of water price review, suddenly the bridge project beh jadi cho (was cancelled!). I think this is a little childish. Just because Malaysia initially negotiated the causeway deal as part of a package, which included price water review and airspace use, and then Dr M. made a U-turn saying each issue should be dealt with individually (no disrespect to Dr M., everyone knows that making U-turns were recurring features of his administration), Singapore also took the same attitude... also U-turn on their early agreement to build their part of a new causeway.

This reminds me of my childhood playground strategy. You hit me, I must hit you, you call me names, I also call you names.

Hello? Malaysia and Singapore are not playground for your egos.

These are our beloved countries. Build the damn causeway because it is the most sensible thing to do. Don't stop the project because your ego was hurt.

The recent release of the classified
correspondence between Dr M.'s admin and Singapore's government was an eye-opener and also confirmatory of Malaysian and Singaporean politicians inability to negotiate effectively. Hopefully, with some prayers, Pak Lah's admin and the Singapore government can perform better.

Dr M., you were not just a good PM, but you were an amazingly brilliant thinker, but not flawless. But you had your days, you won't like it if your previous mentor or predecessor breathe down on you and question your every move. Let the leaders of the day have the freedom of governance, if he or she did a bad job, WE will be the judge on election day. It is the outcome that matters. Let's wait and see.

All we want you to do is to carry out the most sensible choices for us. Singapore and Malaysia are not economical or military threats to each other. So build a new causeway; sell the water at the price convenient for the Singaporeans and review the pegged price at an interval requested by the Singaporean, and in return from Singaporeans...
...JUST BE NICE TO US, MALAYSIANS. There is not a lot we need from Singapore.
No ego, just an average Malaysian. Sisuahlai.


Jordan at the local WH Smith book signing... the smartest brunette in England.


Anonymous Vanquish said...

Rational solution but politics can be irrational. Making $$$ is much easier. Hehe What can I say. I am a simple guy.

July 17, 2006 9:50 AM  

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