Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No frills Hong Kong (Part 1): hiang khang lang hi kang lhang?

HIANG KHANG n. a cultural vacuum (just joking...), one of China's S.A.R.
HI KHANG LHANG n.,adj. deaf

Sisuahlai is writing in Hong Kong. Why is everything so intense here?

The typical Hong Kong natives don't talk, they shout. Like this makcik in the sampan. There were only 6 of us, but she had to communicate by shouting. I have several theories for this decibel tolerant trait:

(1) Genetic predisposition to early hearing loss
(2) Hong Kong is short of physical space, therefore the instinctive need to expand personal space
(3) Stronger diaphragms
(4) Immune to laryngitis, therefore can flog the voice

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Okay, I know this is no gondola with all its romantic attachment, I do understand that Aberdeen Harbour is no Venice. But at least la, don't go and spoil the atmosphere further with that shouty shouty voice.

Makcik, sieh sia tampok can, why like that?

Not chiet full izit?


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