Saturday, October 07, 2006

No frills Hong Kong (Part 3): Hong Kong at night

MEI-SI adj. night-time

Hong Kong is definitely not bo(w)ring at night. Like cockcroaches, they become alive at night. My favourite place has to be the Temple Street Market. So much to see, so many things to buy, and so many tempting seedy places I cannot visit e.g. mahjong house, etc etc.

For some reason, even after heavy, seemingly victorous bargaining, you always left feeling cheated whenever you buy anything at Temple Street Market. I bought this glass dragon for HKD$40, having hacked off HKD$40 from the starting price.

And I still have a this lousy feeling that it cost less than HKD$5. I am hoping this is just psychological.

Hong Kong open-air markets lure every idiot tourist like myself, I feel so vulnerable here. It is like there is this invisible force that compels one to buy something... anything. Usually something utterly unnecessary. Yes, like a glass dragon.

How could I escape? This helpful travel agent found us a hotel conveniently located between the two largest open-air markets in Hong Kong: Temple Street Market and Ladies' Market. Pok-kai man!

Hong Kong is definitely a place worth exploring if you have cash. As for me, I am getting out of here fast...

Next entry: Escape to Shanghai


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