Monday, November 20, 2006

Sisuahlai says the Wiki on him a fiction

KHONGKEI n. lies

Wikipedia COPIES of Hikayat SisuahlaiSisuahlai: Putera London ke PetraJaya is being given out free at the Wikipedia general assembly, and it has been labelled as “fiction” by Sisuahlai who ISN'T the son-in-law of party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“The central character in the book has the same name as me. The photograph on the cover strikingly resembles me. But the stories inside have nothing to do with me. It is full of lies,” said the Ang-Mo (nothing to do with UMNO, Sisuahlai has too much political apathy) Uni ex-student.

The single-page wiki entry is allegedly the English version of the Sisuahlai blog entries. I don't think so (picture me doing the waving hand in your face gesture). Sisuahlai said he wasn't aware that the English-only version of the Wiki-entry had been circulated for some time. So far no Malay wiki-entry.

“It is an attempt to smear my reputation. At the same time I feel flattered that someone is willing to spend so much time and money fantasising and speculating about what I do. This shows that someone is obsessed with me. I feel sorry for the writer because his life is so meaningless. The person must be so full of hatred and disillusionment to resort to this. If I meet the writer, I will counsel him. I will ask him to look at life from a more meaningful perspective, like reading about the heroic writings and autobiography of Frodo on Wikipedia” he said.

Asked about a chapter of the book which touched on the subject of Hokkipedia, Sisuahlai said he had explained many times that he had nothing to do with such linguistic task.

Some of the boh-su cho readers said the person behind it must have spent quite a bit, as the Wiki quality was just OK, can do better.
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