Saturday, January 13, 2007

Moral Matters II: Sex Game in Malaysia

KOI HUN v.,n. crossing the (moral) line

I didn't know there were so many easy ways to make money as female school-kids in Malaysia. Apparently, one secondary school in Johor Bahru invented this interesting classroom game. A group of female school-kids get together, they pool their allowances, ranging from RM50 to RM100, and they compete for the sum of the pool money.

The prize: $$$RM$$$

The game: The most one night stands in one month!

Unbelievable. I was briefly envious that there wasn't such game when I was in secondary school. He, he. I had to pinch myself... this is immoral, this is immoral, this is immoral...

I have one question for these group of beh kia si school-girls. How do you verify the one night stand count??

Do you rely on the lucky receivers to file in the claims? If like that, I also want to be a participant. If I was the participating female member, I'll get all the guys I know who are willing to admit to having a one night stands with me, and then just share the pool money without having to sleep with them... amacam, can? Who knows?

But I guess these people have figured out such loop holes, and plugged it with a more genius plan. I really like to find out how they verify the one night stand count...

Sisuahlai curious, but disgusted.

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Anonymous QuaVadis said...

Are you sure you're disgusted?...hmm..then girls...yeah...guess you can get quite disgusted...a case of chow jio hiam

January 15, 2007 10:29 AM  
Anonymous MillyVanilly said...

aiyoh, such silly girls! I really hope they at least made the guys use condoms. Not worried about them getting pregnant, tapi kalau kena HIV? Really, really bodoh! For the sake of a few $$.

January 16, 2007 9:45 AM  

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