Friday, June 15, 2007

Creative spying (but sisuahlai reporting)

i spy with my little...

v. done for, kena

I'm sure you have read about "the spycam in female bathrooms" story in the Star. It was sensational news. It has all the right ingredients to boost that readership figures if you are a media person. It has scandal, sex, controversy, and dirty-minded boys. Wow... better than Shrek 3!

Everyone is rushing to come up with editorials and follow-ups on that subject. Public interest is still strong, can't waste this opportunity to sell newspapers, must milk it fast. You can almost hear them chant.

One local newspaper even ran an article telling us what kind of circuitry and cam set-ups are or aren't suitable for spying. Yes, very educational, thank you. One talk about the morals behind such intention. What morals? Every possible angle is explored, you bet, to the fullest.

But this one particular local tabloid went that extra mile. It has a picture of a woman taking shower on its front page with the spycam scandal headline!

Now why would any tabloid newspaper editor approve of this sort of journalistic jazzing up?

If the picture was taken from a diferrent source, it will be done for inaccurate and misleading reporting. And if the picture was taken from the actual source, from the spycams that led to all these rumpus, the newspaper will be done for something even more serious. Truly kena both ends. Bodoseng!

If this is the standard of Malaysian journalistic writing and editorial scrutiny, then people must be queuing up to apply for jobs there, must be fun... a lot of freedom, and furthermore, get paid to be sisuahlai!

Apply here.

At least this creative genius makes me laugh, more.


Anonymous clare said...

Wu ngia si suah lai dua bo seh! SIgh!!! LOL!

June 16, 2007 8:53 AM  
Blogger 69ner said...

Peter is a Champion lar!

Li hai = terror, very smart

June 16, 2007 4:20 PM  

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