Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sisuahlai, who the hell

TIN-TIAW n.,v. cane

I turn 2 this month.

Those 2 years didn't feel that long, but they have seen some good and some really, really awful Sisuahlai writing (true to form, you may say); the ones that people read half way, lost the blog plot and gave up completely.

There are also those who enjoy the Sisuahlai tin-tiaw. They come back for more helping of blog s&m.

(my sis got apprehended for carrying these through Changi Airport. Welcome back home sis!)

But the most interesting group of people are those who chance upon this blog from Google searches for "Kuching sex"; "C S Lek scandal/dvd"; "looking for Malaysian ladies"; "how to grow long eye-lashes for Chinese women"; "learn Hokkien". I think these group usually leave my site frustrated.

But Sisuahlai is not always sisuahlai 24/7. There are some entries that made me think, long after I wrote it. The sentences I used in those ones may appear too constructed. It appears so because it is. I think before I write, and I don't write the way I speak. Frankly, what matters most to me is conveying a simple message that sticks. I think it is a good thing I don't write the way I babble in real life. I don't think the general public can tolerate it.

Finally, I want to say this: I feel strongly about certain issues in our country. I don't like double standards. I don't like elitist race categorisation. I like meritocracy. I like people who can poke fun at themselves. I like char kuey teow. Seriously, people in our country has to be rewarded in proportion to the effort they put in, because we are all instinctively driven by reward for effort. If one removes that primeval element of reward-for-effort, we will end up creating a lacklustre and spirit-broken population. Nobody wants that either. **** speech ends.

Finally, finally... I look forward to sharing more random ideas and sisuahlai opinions with you.

And finally, finally, finally, I like to announce that I am officially on facebook, yahoo and msn, and my real name is...

Sisuahlai (2 years old)


Blogger Wuching said...

happy 2 year old, too bad i didn't get to meet u last year in kuching. i blame ur cousin for not taking me to see u

January 16, 2008 8:18 AM  

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