Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Because they care?

The Barisan Nasional 2008 election tagline is because we care. Now, now... let's pause and think for a moment.

Because they care? Don't you just love irony?

Salvador Dali (a blogger who also writes in the The Star financial column) let slip his political colour on his blog. He wrote:

Have you seen the full page ad (The Star 11) yesterday.

It reads:"PROVEN: Stretching the ringgit. RM43.4 billion - the amount of subsidy spent on essential items so that all Malaysian enjoy lower prices and have more money in their pockets - Because we care".

Which is the mf advertising firm to think of such an ad? First of all, IT'S OUR MONEY, not the government or any political party, IT'S OUR MONEY. Second of all, IT'S STILL OUR MONEY. It's like you deposit into your bank account, and when you withdraw money, the bank announces over the loudspeaker: You've got money, cause we care, please thank us and don't forget it.

Well said Salvador.

Ok, I also manage to unearth more rubbish from our local dailies. This time, it came from THE EDGE financial daily, also published yesterday. Read the centre paragraph under the heading P50 Jelutong. (click image to enlarge)

It states that if Jeff Ooi (the popular socio-political blogger now turning to full-time politics) wins, "it will be a watershed for blogger and the internet community".


Whether we like Mr Ooi or otherwise, since when is a single blogger representative of the entire blogger and internet community??

EDGE goes on: "if he loses it will show that blogging and the internet are not a powerful political tool in Malaysia yet".

Ok, I give it to the EDGE. It is beginning to make some sense. But is the EDGE actually suggesting that the other two Jelutong candidates never write an e-mail, read from the internet and uses it to communicate their ideas?


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