Thursday, March 06, 2008

Don't blame EC? Then blame who?

Election Committee secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman appealed to people not to blame them for not using the 42,000 indelible ink this general election. An 11th hour cancellation decision.

Too late Tok! You guys didn't do your homework properly. Who else should take the blame if not EC? DAP? MCA? Hindraf?

He said EC would dispose the ink costing RM2.4mil through barter trade. He did not say what the EC would be buying.

Here is one suggestion.

...pakai untuk lap bin.

2 more days to election day, we should be expecting more mudslinging personal attacks between politicians. It is sad that we have come to this, it seems that there are no real issues worth debating about now.

If you've been reading The Star and NST, you will be reading about the 101 reasons why Anwar should not be PM. Frankly, I don't think he'll make a good PM, but I also don't think these people would make good PMs either...

Let's pray someone better comes along.... soon.


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