Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ink me good

Sick of election? How about this, politically neutral Kenny Sia (and DAP's Lim Guan Eng) just highlighted to us that the cancellation of the indelible ink plan has resulted in the wastage of RM2 million of public money! They actually spent RM2 million for 47,000 bottles of ink.

Why didn't the Election Committee (EC) do their homework before making that purchase?

No wonder people are confused and apathetic. Even the EC gets it wrong.

To save us from more apathy (can one actually become more apathetic and more unconcerned?), these are some uses for the indelible ink, please don't waste it:

(1) Sell them to loan sharks. They'd really appreciate hard-to-remove ink.

(2) Give them to those creative kids, and help them show us how much they care.

(3) Use them to mark the ballot paper, using the index finger (killing two three birds in one stone, aight)

(4) Ask the guy who sanctioned the purchase to cough up RM2mil or drink the ink (this will really make Malaysian politics more interesting).

It will. So cough up or drink up.


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