Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mahathir's Protégé is No Prodigy

Dear PM,

Isn't this a worrying trend?

Your popular vote is waning. The Perlis and perhaps Terengganu royalties are not listening to you. Mukhriz (allegedly) penned this letter (the translated version) and you don't know how to react to it without delegating the job to your keris-waving junior. I hope your other senior ministers are not secretly enjoying this moment and slowly bidding their time for their own position of glory.

Like Britney used to say, why don't you do something?

"Now you're all in my grill
cause i say what i feel
only rock to whats real
baby bump bump
but i cant do that with you
only here with my crew
you can roll if you can
don`t be a punk punk

what you gonna do when the crowd goes aiyo?
why you standing on the wall?
music`s startin everywhere
so why dont you just move along?

i see you looking at me
like i`m some kinda of freak
get up outta your seat
why don`t you do somethin`?"


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