Tuesday, March 04, 2008

SSL Blog-star (2): Veronica Wong

I'll make a point to single out those blardy good blog writers, and I'll try my best to ensure they'll have a cult following.

Sorry Veronica, for linking you and naming you SSL Blog-star (2). I really wish I can write like you!**

Veronica's blog is one oestrogenic whinge-fest (hang in there V, I don't mean it in a derogatory way, read on). I suppose it's like Xiaxue's writings in her hey-days, only more polished and more controlled. I like honest people. And you cannot get a more honest and sincere blog than Veronica's.

You see men cannot write like that. Their brains just aren't wired the same. Veronica's writings just flow from rage, to frustration, to despair in one seamless continuum. I cannot write like that without a full stop between every emotive change of gear. Basically, I stutter; she glides.

She could say a thousand words with just one Hokkien expletive. Si bei oo liaw. This was so well illustrated when her favourite T-shirt got bleached in pink.

She is both opinionated and persuasive. Super-clever over-achievers tend to find this world a very frustrating place to live sometimes. There. are. just. so. many. idiots. around. But thankfully she has her Japanese cartoons, humour and blog to salvage her sanity.

And Veronica's Rara Avis, Beatnik, Queer Duck is definitely my current favourite blog read. You go girl!

**My sis and Boo jointly hold Blog-star (1). And this, btw, is some random, arbitrary numbering system. :P

...and we don't need sexy pictures to get your attention.


Anonymous vron said...

Oh wow. No apologies necessary since i should be thanking you for gracing my pages and for such undeserving compliments. I honestly don't even know how to be humble about it anymore. A bit paiseh, yeah, but the head's ballooning by itself. So let's steer before it explodes - Why isn't 'sisuahlai' simply come instead? Hahaa no pun intended, really.

March 04, 2008 2:38 AM  
Blogger Big Boys Oven said...

that's cool!

March 04, 2008 1:57 PM  
Blogger naeboo~ said...

waaa... got boh?

so biased meh.

u only say that coz im now ur fren isit?

March 05, 2008 6:55 PM  
Blogger [ŠøŅıãäą] said...

omg!! vron... u so si beh popular man!!

March 05, 2008 7:56 PM  

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