Friday, March 21, 2008


I sat through 2 hours of 10,000BC last evening. I almost grew a beard, it felt like 12,008 years of torture! Almost, had it not been for Camilla Belle and the last 25 minutes. I wish I had scratched a pimple on my face at the beginning of the show, bled, excused myself from the cinema and never went back. But I sat through like stoopid.

I don't know how you describe this movie, epic tu-em-si, love story tu-em-si, history tu-em-si. (If you have two free tickets from Nuffnang to watch any GSC movie, go watch something else ok... Duyung perhaps?)

Ok, I sidetracked even before I got to the subject matter.

Not too long ago, I had an argument with an auntie about kids nowadays having a richer vocabulary. I think they do. But this auntie disagreed, and argued that we watch too many TV and read very little.

(see how I slip in we in that sentence, cos I'm still a kid ok)

So as a result, she argued, kids' everyday conversations are peppered with needless repetitions like "see", "seriously", "kinda", "basically", "like", and swear words. Trashy and no creativity at all, she said.

So what? As long as they can communicate their point across clearly, why should parents be worried?

She said,"It does matter, it is not just about articulating a point. Having a rich vocabulary helped them think better."

The argument went on for 30 minutes, sorry- the lecture went on for 30 minutes.

Throughout most of this, my mind slipped in and out of hibernation, only intermittently coming out alive to wonder how I landed with this conversation in the first place with an auntie I barely know, in a public place!

My internal conversation went something like this, "Shit, shit, shit. How do I get out of this? I hardly know her, wtf she?" (I think some kids behind me could possibly hear my thought and mercy plea, but I was ignored)

Now that I have some time to reflect, I think the auntie could be very right.

I didn't offer anything to convince her otherwise sial!

tu-em-si (hokkien) - "it isn't"
duyung (malay) - mermaid
sial (malay) - damn
WTF - hooderfak or wadderfak


Blogger kuc1n993m0k said...

hello.sisuahlai.i stumble upon to yer blog thru nuffnang..

bout yer post on 10000 bc film.i would like to share the same feeling with you..

aiyoh.. waste my money back then..isk3..lagi baik aku tengok 27 dresses..tsk3

April 02, 2008 2:42 PM  

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