Monday, April 21, 2008

Do You Ever Suspect Your Partner Of Cheating?

Paranoia can save your day.

Remember the nights when your partner got back late with some lame excuse while smelling of another person's cologne/eu de toilette?

Is your partner becoming less attentive to your needs, but at the same time spending more time on his/her own grooming needs?

Does your partner get restless whenever you borrow his/her mobile phone?

Does your partner have a tendency to whisper or give a quick answer and immediately hangs up on the phone, or when you answer the phone and get an abrupt hang up?

These are all tell-tale signs that something is amiss. Don't take "oh, it is work-related honey!'' as a satisfying response. Check it out - do some investigative work...

like this £350 a night honeytrap!!

(this one will not go all the way with you)

In Britain, you can hire this nurse-by-day in the shape of a honey trap to literally nail your partner whom you suspect of cheating.

However in Malaysia, you have to rely on some dudes who advertise themselves as P.I. in the local newspaper Classified section, like The Sun.

I am not so sure about the quality of these Malaysian P.I.s, you may want to read up on the Altantuya's case to get some idea.

But I like the idea of students/nurses part-timing as honey traps to supplement their income. Definitely a quicker way to get cash, compare to being a blogger relying on ads income. It's putting social science to practice, and if you are brave, you can add honey-trapping to the CV**.

What kind of employer does not like an intelligent, enteprising worker like a honey trapper?

Unless of course the employer himself/herself cheats...

**someone emailed me asking for help to do her CV- did I advertise it anywhere on my blog that I offer this type of services?

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Blogger naeboo~ said...

writing CVs is big business/ start charging!!

April 23, 2008 5:27 PM  

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