Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Malaysian film industry semua tak boleh/Is Penelope Cruz turning into a porn star?

3Let's be honest. Our local movie industry isn't exactly world-class. I don't think we lack talent (script writing I meant, acting-wise we are still pretty awful), but we don't lack stifling rules too. Somehow to pass as a Malaysian film, our talents have to work with so many cultural and moral boundaries.

I haven't seen a decent Malaysian movie that was not considered controversial by our censor board standards.

big deal!

You see, we haven't got a population of 1.1 billion domestic crowd, or a niche audience, whatever you call them to fall back on, just like Bollywood. They can churn out any kind of movies and still sell out in cinemas. In Malaysia, not only are we making bad movies, good ones get swallowed whole by DVD piracy and endless censorship.

Eastern Europe face the same kind of problem: piracy, poor talent and little to no capital. But they don't have to work within the same moral framework. This is what gives them the marketing edge. They churn out porns.

I am not advocating pornography to save our film industry (although in desperate times, they do generate good tax revenues when our oil runs out!), but our talents do need freer creative space.

So is there a future for Malaysian Film Industry?

The best comment came from this guy:

“Censorship sucks. Adults are mature enough to understand the difference between right and wrong. Besides, there are ratings which can indicate what’s in store for us. Why bother with the ratings if you’re going to cut this and that anyway? “And frankly, I can’t believe that kissing scenes are still being cut from movies. There’s worse stuff on the internet.”

Indeed - there are grosser and worse stuff on the net. You and I know that for a fact, and no one is banning them. But we haven't turn into monsters.

Haven't you seen that internet clip about these 2 girls and this one cup? (I won't link it, it was so gross you need a brain op to remove the memory of watching it!)

You see, sex sells. If you want an instant blockbuster hit, just hire a popular actress and get her to strip on cam. A no-brainer formula that works all the time. We don't have this quick-fix solution to promote a bad movie plot in Malaysia.

But the rest of the world & Hollywood have and they certainly know how to milk this formula. Even with a good movie storyline and a cast of well-known actors, movie producers will always find a reason to include sex scenes or something suggestive of one.

Like this good example- Penelope Cruz's latest movie, Elegy. She stripped (again) and romped her way to instant millions and a blockbuster hit! Something that Malaysian actors can't do in Malaysian soil.

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Blogger naeboo~ said...

i felt sick after READING the 2girlsand1cup description online.

almost puked. i had to stop where they were talking abt how they shared a kiss of moving a pc of TOOT with each other.


April 23, 2008 5:25 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

haha... 2girls1cup was the highlight of 2007 :p

April 25, 2008 12:01 AM  

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