Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Somewhere between confusion and denial, lies PAS quiet intention

(now that April 1 is out the way, we can get into serious political talk... this is my take on PKR, DAP and PAS latest political move)


PKR, DAP and PAS want to form a tight coalition. They want to start a two-party system in Malaysia. They find the name Barisan Rakyat unpleasing, because they cannot affectionately shorten it to Barisan, nor can they nickname themselves Rakyat. In the end, they settled for Pakatan Rakyat.

Personally, it sounded worse than Barisan Rakyat. But as citizen Malaysia, all we want to see now are RESULTS and PROMISES KEPT. Had they called themselves Party Funky Monkey, and then deliver and outperform the last administration, they'll still get the public vote and approval.

But the real issue is this: can they really form a WORKING COALITION, with a common, shared agenda beyond just names and semantic?

I think it is going to be tricky, because the trouble lies in PAS' real intention.

You'll never hear a Muslim PAS political member openly denouncing their intention to create an Islamic State. You would have to press hard to get an opinion about Syariah/Hudud Law from them, because as PAS member, they can never be completely honest without offending those anti-BN voters who voted them in.

PAS President Abdul Hadi seemed evasive with his answers yesterday, according to a local paper, when asked whether PAS would abandon its stand on setting up an Islamic State. He came up with this: "the most important thing is objective and the practical work of a government, not the name of it".

That didn't sound like he was abandoning the idea.

Now what?

If PAS is bent on slipping their Syariah ideology into Pakatan Rakyat, we need to get a clarification quick. 2 ideologies (one secular, one religious) in one party will become their chink in their armour, if it doesn't show now, it will later.

An open discussion/debate about PAS intentions is desperately needed if Pakatan Rakyat intends to form a strong two-party political system in Malaysia. Do it soon! Fear borne out of a simple misunderstanding is big enough to topple any power.

I do want the two-party political system to work in beloved Malaysia.



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Lol, Party Funky Monkey xD

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