Sunday, May 25, 2008

How do get a sponsored trip to Thailand as a blogger?

Who says it doesn't pay to blog?

Nicole Tan and co. will jetting off on a sponsored blogging trip to Southern Thailand in July! Only bloggers with at least 1000 unique hits a day will get the special invite. Shame to say that my just under 1000 hits (per year!) on SSL does not fulfill the minimum requirement... :P oh well, got to save up.

I was hoping to do a special interview with Nic over oysters this week before her nth holiday, but her busy schedule would not allow. This girl goes on a adventure trip as often as some change their underwear. If green is the colour of envy, then my face is now fluoresced with mould!!

No la, I wish her and the rest luck... just remember to get me a nice souvenir when you come back. Wokay?


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