Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am going to give Advertlet a chance

This is going against my conditioning and recent thought processes. My email communication with the advertlet guys appear to get better responses than the others. My current ad agency signed up knows my stats and how small a fish I am in this ocean called the blogosphere, in comparison with the local blog giants like ks, and xx (to give you some idea, their one hour accumulative uniques are more than my total weekly ones!), hence I suspect this is one of the reasons my requests/queries get filed under priority with the heading "do this when we have 25 hours a day". Although their blogger relations executive reassured me that their top management are considering my request, I think he really meant the guy that sits across the desk is still deliberating on the right action. Bless.

But like most nuffnang ad slaves/servers (choose whichever describes you the best), keeping the glitterati status appears to mean something, although we will not know how this would affect our life-changing ad earnings in exact mathematical terms. So I think I will be spawning another blog for advertlets in order to keep that status.

My challenge is this... to build up an equivalent number of traffic and similar demographics on both blogs and compare my earnings - then we would know who has the real deal! Amacam? Sui bor?

That won't be that challenging as long as SSL traffic don't explode in the next few weeks. :P

Let's see if I have the energy for this experiment...

P/s: I must admit traffic building is one the hardest things to do when you only have 2 hours a day to blog, 3 hours tops. That is not my excuse. The real reason why most of us (me included) are getting shite traffic numbers is our content. I practice a lot of echolalia in my writing, I suspect most bloggers do, regurgitating stuff and information a lot of people already know. We hardly ever offer any fresh ideas and new revelations without bordering on being seditious or ridiculous.

Another point, some of us are not gifted with faces of a Goddess. Cam whore generally don't work for ordinary looks (or sub-ordinary looks) as far as traffic building is concerned. So that limit us to doing "funny faces/acts" and a lot of hours on Photoshop. But I don't have that ability/thick-skinned-ness either.

So it will be down to content. Damn good one.


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