Thursday, June 26, 2008

Football betting kills...

The family decided to tell the story (to the Star) as a lesson for all of us.

Farm manager drinks weed killer after RM90,000 gaming loss

TANJUNG SEPAT: He said he had given up betting on football but the lure of Euro 2008 proved too much for Chuang Toh Huat. In the end, he paid for his love of betting with his life. Some 12 hours after the Spain versus Italy quarterfinal match, he was found in a semi-conscious state after drinking weed killer.

“I have given more than RM1mil to pay off his debts and he promised he wouldn't do it again,” said his father Hock Meng, 56, yesterday when met at his house in Taman Pelangi. Read more.

It is so sad that a little bit of fun can get so out of control.

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