Thursday, June 19, 2008

Revenge of the Thong

Hypothetical scenario. You got yourself a pair of undies, with intricate embroideries and cutesy ornaments. You slipped them on, and for some reason (thigh fatness?), they got tangled on their way up, so you gave a little thug. You pulled it up. And they just would not go further than your flabby mid-upper legs. Damn those thighs undies. They literally got bottle-neck-jammed just above your knees (yes, your legs really do look like inverted champagne bottles). Thugging would tear them apart, so you hobbled your way to the upright mirror. You looked at yourself, not sure to laugh or cry at your ridiculous predicament. What the heck, you muttered, and gave the undies an exasperated last thug. It was indeed the last. They ripped, but not before one of the cutesy ornament sprung away from its attachment and caught your eye. Ouch! At this point, you were more blinded with fury than actual blindness... tears of mixed emotions (confused, angry, embarrassment rolled into one) started welling.

Now what do you do, assuming that you are a sane person? I mean after the swearing has stopped.

Well, something similar actually happened in real life. Maybe not as dramatic as my story, maybe more... I don't know. But one American lady actually took matters to court and sue the thong-manufacturers, Victoria Secrets.

Her attorney said the injury will affect the 'victim of _____ (insert ridiculous adjective here)' for the rest of her life. Now that is dramatic.

Read the full story here, I didn't believe it either at first.


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