Monday, June 23, 2008

Why being on top ten is better than innit top ten

I have nothing against nuffnang's innit (despite my 2-month ban). I still think the world of nuffnang, their courage to go into blogosphere-specific advertising and their latest metered/buffered campaigns (their best effort explanation is commendable, but I am none the wiser what those words mean in mathematical terms, but never mind) . But I won't be too critical, as I have been reminded on numerous occasions to count my blessings, give thanks and don't be an ungrateful bastard. Nuffnang money can feed me with few packets of maggi mee each week till the end of 2008, so I must really be grateful for all their hard work and ability to match appropriate ads to my blog. Thank you.

Now back to the subject title. I have been on's and innit's daily top ten most read/pings/nangs with entries on the Sisuahlai blog. But I will now come clean. I get more satisfaction by being on most read than on innit's 24hour top 10 table. Why?

If you haven't spotted the obvious, it is the sort of readership you get on and the contents on top 10. No doubt both have their share of ridiculous no-brainer must read entries that made it to the top, like an entry about a penis in the sea (huh?) and other unmentionable titles.

To cut a long story short, here is a summary why I think being on top ten is better, more satisfying than being on its counterpart's daily top ten read...

(1) Just look at top ten blog contents. And compare them to the other one. The words petty and trivial comes to mind for one of them, virtually all of the time.

(2) Malaysian and Singaporean blogosphere legitimize the butchering and massacring of the English language. But the equivalent of an English language war-crime is somehow more tolerable on That's a compliment btw.

(3) top ten shows the actual initial portion of the blog entry. So you will find less misleading titles on top ten blog entries.

(4) Easier to update and post your blog entry on One is an automatic BMW, the other is a manual gear kereta lembu. Comparatively speaking.

(5) Pleasant lay-out. Ok, I am being pedantic now.

There you go, 5 reasons why i think rocks over the other one!


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