Friday, July 18, 2008

30 minutes: That's right, keep it up, keep it up, don't be a pri, hey madonna, uh

KUALA LUMPUR (The Star): PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would not have been able to turn up for his scheduled appointment at the city police headquarters on time.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Farid Wan Salleh said Anwar was supposed to have gone straight to the police headquarters here after his interview at the Anti Corruption Agency in Putrajaya.

“Instead, he was on his way home. He couldn’t possibly have made it on time.

“The police were just executing a warrant of arrest against Anwar,” he told reporters in the Parliament lobby on Wednesday.

Wan Farid was commenting on the arrest of Anwar, who was picked up in front of his house in Bukit Segambut for investigations after a former aide had lodged a sodomy report against him.

Asked why the police had not waited until 2pm before making the arrest, Wan Farid said: “What’s the difference between 20 or 50 minutes?”

“According to the information I received, he went voluntarily to the police car without any incident and that under police custody, he has given his full cooperation,” he said.

This is Wan Farid Wan Salleh.

He is a male.

He comes from Terengganu, land of the near extinct turtles (certain species).

He now works for the Government.

He has a nice smile. Sometimes he wears the songkok.

He is a diligent and obedient minister, doing what he is supposed to do.

He is the Deputy Home Minister.

He reacts responds when the newspaper people ask him question.

Someone asked him why the police had not waited until 2pm before arresting Anwar (Anwar had earlier promised to go to see Police at 2pm), he said:

“What’s the difference between 20 or 50 minutes?”

He is clever.

Because he is now famous for this quote.



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it's leatherback ! im from ktrg.. lol..

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