Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bloggers are all friends: JUST SAY SORRY, MEAN IT AND MOVE ON

This has to be more interesting than Anwar V Shabeery (or any UMNO minister). 2 hot (questionable?) bloggers have taken their fiestiness to a whole new level. One asked the other to retract her statements and to apologise. The person withdrew her statements by removing the blog article and sent a LETTER OF APOLOGY. But in her latest entry, she said:
As you've maybe seen on Straits Times, I am NOT going to apologize to Dawn.
But friend, you just sent a letter with the title LETTER OF APOLOGY. In Hokkien there is a phrase for this.... BEI GAM GUAN.

There are big differences between having an opinion and making false allegations. But why is a letter of apology NOT an act of apologizing?

Just apologize and close this sorry chapter. I like you both and I do not want to see any losers in this saga. Be peng yius again, can?

Don't believe what ONE REPUBLIC said, it is NEVER too late to apologize.


Blogger QuaChee said...

that is the way to go. actually, i didnt know that even in the blogosphere, the drama is just like the entertainment news which a lot are make up.

July 28, 2008 9:57 AM  

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