Friday, July 18, 2008

The Irony of The Iron-Fisted

I am not accusing anyone of being a despot. History and past performances are the best judges.

I just like this ironical, most telling remark from our beloved Tun (screenshot from his blog).

He congratulated Pak Lah for allowing the live televised debate. Why congratulate?

Possible conclusions:
(Is Tun admitting that...?)

(1) Malaysian media is not completely independent. PM has the power to allow and disallow certain dissemination of information aka live debate with Opposition?

(2) Pak Lah is revolutionary? Congratulatory wish like this implies certain achievement for Pak Lah and his administration with regard to media liberalisation, which was unheard and unseen before (during Tun's time)?

You see, blogs can indeed reveal a lot...


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