Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am changing my political persuasion for the better

I have previously stated that Pak Lah is a pretty good PM. Given his apparent sleep-mode style administration (as some have argued), a lot of positive changes unseen during the times of Tun M, are taking place. I pointed out media liberalisation as one of them.

But I am beginning to see some flaws in this thinking (i.e. my thinking).

Many of these changes are really forced upon the present administration. Hence, reinforcing the earlier sleep-mode governance argument. Presently, the government are able to license and regulate printed and broadcast media, but with the advent of internet and blogs, their grip on information control are slipping fast. So you see, the act of liberalising the media industry is not exactly a forward thinking government initiative - more like a last gasp decision to appear savvy and open, to rescue itself from dwindling popularity.

Blogs and the internet are disseminating views contrary to the official government-approved messages, as carried by mainstream media, and the administration are just watching haplessly from the sidelines. Fortunately for us (and unfortunately for them), they haven't figured an effective way to clamp down on blogs without hurting their post-8 March credibility further.

So I stand corrected. The administration is indeed sleepwalking itself into a dangerous territory. Many of their policies are simply knee-jerk reactions to the development around them - so that does not make good governance. That in fact, makes us look even more uncool for allowing and electing them to make decision on the country's and ultimately the Rakyat's future.

I stand corrected. (yes, it has taken me awhile to see it - but rather late than never- don't wanna be like the blinkered 51 years old government)

I seriously think we do have a viable alternative. I am changing my political persuasion before it's too late.

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Anonymous |1f34|-|1r3 said...'s nice to have a new compatriot around..all i want to say is..think from all perspective..don't be a fanatic to a political party and fight for what's right...i just unleashed my wrath on Terengganu's decision to buy new Mercs...haha

July 21, 2008 9:30 AM  

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