Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rocker strips pants and bends down at audience at anti-fuel hike protest gathering (pictures of retribution included)

From the Star...

A singer stripped his trousers and showed his boxer shorts during a concert at the anti-fuel price increase rally in Kelana Jaya stadium (on) Sunday.

The lead singer of rock band Carburettor Dung was halfway through a song at about 7pm when he dropped his pants and exposed his boxer shorts.

His antics resulted in the audience hurling abuses and throwing bottles at him. Security volunteers had to escort the singer and his band members off the stage while event organisers tried to calm the crowd.

LESSON: Don't mess with an already unhappy and disgruntled crowd.

Images from Hard-T.

Ouch! Why is he biting the guy's peepee?
more pics here


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