Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why countries should not be too anal: please follow the Thai footsteps

Lifestyle choice liberalization is not a bad thing. But strict, uncompromising moral codes are!

People are inherently nice and rational beings. People who commit horrific transgressions (rapes, murders etc) are often desperate people with no channels to vent their unhappiness or fulfill their basic needs (bad economy and cultural policies at fault here again!). Psychopaths are rare.

Saying TV and internet influence criminal behaviour is like saying gun kills. Bro, you do need a medium to pull that trigger la.

Strict, overly-regulated environments are often run and managed by people who do not place too much trust on the inherent bona fide nature of others. A big boo-hoo!!

Now check this out:

Thai school offers trans-sexual toilet

Disclaimer: I know I am making arm-chair arguments here, not backed by evidence. I am merely copying those people who handed down moral policies to us. If they have no evidence to support their strict moral rules, why should I?


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