Friday, August 01, 2008

Celebrity and other Mere Mortal Bloggers Poor Judgment: How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it? Call for a press conference?

Yesterday's interesting exchanges with fat4 (author of Xblogger) on and an insider informant have led me to several conclusions.

Sometimes the best way to handle allegations, not-so-nice name-calling, ugly accusations is to keep a dignified silence. Dignified here, of course, implies "this is not worth my time", and occasionally "yes, I am guilty, what do you want me to say?". This is best exemplified by a blogger's non-response to recent mutterings on the blogosphere, I am referring to a she. Because certain matters, often trivial such as reputation (none for me), and other private issues, are just not worth the explanation.

The desperate need to explain yourself is a bad habit to have if you are a blogger. Good emotional control is king. (I am also guilty of first degree emotional failure to refrain, see last entry.)

So whenever you are pushed into a corner and suddenly that Danity Kane "how you gonna fix it?" song starts to play in your head, ask yourself:IS SILENCE GOLDEN? That might possibly be your greatest escape.


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