Friday, August 01, 2008

Rare solar eclipse today: don't miss it, what locals will be able to see later

Thousands are heading to Russia to witness today's RARE solar eclipse. If you haven't boarded that plane yet, don't despair. Head to the west-coast of Peninsular Malaysia (northern coastline folks have better chance). Tonight, between 6 to 7pm, you may be able to catch a partial eclipse.

From wikipedia: Viewing the Sun during partial and annular eclipses (and during total eclipses outside the brief period of totality) requires special eye protection, or indirect viewing methods. The Sun's disk can be viewed using appropriate filtration to block the harmful part of the Sun's radiation. Sunglasses are not safe, since they do not block the harmful and invisible infrared radiation which causes retinal damage. Only properly designed and certified solar filters should ever be used for direct viewing of the Sun's disk.

**The safest way to view the Sun's disk is by indirect projection.


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