Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who is Shadowfoxxx?

He sniffs out an element of pretentiousness in the local blogosphere. He identifies the prey. He builds his story. He adds a few layers of spicy subplots. He marinates it with some skunkdalous juice. And now the icing on the cake: he deep fries and lets rip his merciless (often funny and colourful) tirades of vulgarity, including words not found in any dictionary. Welcome to the world of shadowfoxxx!

This anonymous blogger has been hogging the local blogging limelight for some time now. He remains elusive, and has even turned down the most controversial blog post prize (the condition was to collect the prize in person!). It was obvious the foxxx identity is far pricier than the award. Soon, I think our local blogosphere would need to coin the term shadowfoxxx (as a verb) to mean that this blogger has officially flamed a person/an entity.

So who is this shadowfoxxx individual exactly?

Let's do some CSI work. These are based on probables, details and guesses extrapolated from his writings on the ShadowFoxxx's blog. (see disclaimer below)

(1) It's probably a male blogger.
I will not leave it to chance. This blogger could still be a bored female fantasy writer, the heavy butch version. But if you're a betting person, I'll advise putting your money on the blogger being a testosterone-flooded full-blooded male. Any ill-guided person of any gender can be sexist or pondanphobic; but it truly takes a XY-chromosome with a steely stomach to write such brutal philosophy: "To me, happiness is lying on a bed with a chick bobbing her head up and down my crotch."

(2) He had probably spent some (education years) time in Singapore.
His almost continuous rants on Singapore politics/politicians despite living and working in Malaysia shows that he cares enough to be bothered about it. The average Malaysian (from a survey of one = me) does not have an opinion on Singapore politics, full stop. Unless force to say something in a school essay - this does not count. Certain Singaporean government policies might have shaped his aspiration/goals in life, otherwise I cannot see any reason to be so vocal and so disparaging about it.

(3) He was probably university educated.
His above average IQ would have easily landed him a place in some form of tertiary education. He was probably a high achiever at his secondary school but maintained a healthy low profile (as opposed to the low profiles of disturbed kids).

(4) He is probably in the 27-34 age range.
One cannot possibly accumulate so much bitterness so young, unless we are talking about accelerated growth. I don't think he went through that, he is likely to have a pretty normal upbringing. So my guesstimate is that he is somewhere between 27-34. By 35, he would have matured enough to stop complaining on blogs (or become successful enough in his business to not bother shadowfoxxxblogging ever again!).

(5) He works well alone.
This is a hallmark of an independent thinker, perhaps too independent. I picture him doing his own business with minimal requirement for intense social networking. Freelance IT work comes to mind.

(6) He loves the Nuffnang concept, secretly?
This is my wildest guess. One can argue that after Nuffnang popularity has exploded and gone semi-mainstream, he ruled himself out being part of it (he probably saw it late also). He appeals to the niche market, and Nuffnang is not niche enough. It is too safe, too groupie and too mainstream for him. Cool dudes don't do that kind of stuff.

But my opinion is this, and I think this is more probable. He probably likes the Nuffnang concept, and wishes he was in the hot seat calling the shots.

*He previously indicated that he couldn't see the long term organic potential in Nuffnang as a clean online blogging ad agency (he also gave a Mesdaq analogy, Their real money comes from gullible investors and getting listed in Mesdaq...). Instead of giving it the benefit of doubt, he was quick to dismiss it. Cheery optimism is seldom high on his menu (too much optimism leads to self-delusion, remember?). So indirectly he was advising Nuffnang to revamp its business model before getting stuck in a rut and falling into the hands of venture capitalist. But then again, if some venture capitalist offer good money to buy out his IT idea, would he stand firm and say NEVER?

(7) Anymore guesses?

Disclaimer: Nothing stated here should be regarded as truths. We do not condone foxxx hunting. If one of the guesses happens to become fact, it should be considered a lucky guess, and not as a result of any inside information. It is really all just made up guesses, except the part of award to be given in real-person, the chick bobbing her head and the * paragraph. Those are non-changeable classic lines only a genius like the foxxx could write.

Why fox with the triple x? This one you have to wait.


Anonymous Fiction Press said...

It's a mystery.

August 10, 2008 10:40 PM  
Anonymous vantuz said...

on point:

(1) correct - and very hensem one.
(2) nope - he hates kiasu sporeans lah.
(3) of coz - IT related
(4) bingo - and also damn rich.
(5) he's better working alone at anytime he wants.
(6) neh.....he hates nuffnang damn lots, refusing to have any nuffnang ads to be put up on his blog. with his traffic, he can earns lots leh. anyways, he already has too much money now to care about making money online lah.
(7)what guesses?? how he looks like??

August 10, 2008 10:59 PM  
Blogger naeboo~ said...

but such an angry person he is...

well, hes a gossip blogger. as long as he hates everyone equally.

August 15, 2008 3:35 PM  

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