Thursday, August 07, 2008

Why is it easier to find a partner when you already have one? (is cheating really fun?)

For the record, I am taken, or I took someone (same difference) and cannot be bothered to break this monotony called monogamy. Laziness has its plus I tell you.

Anyway, I just wanna address this question: Why is it easier to find a partner when you already have one?

The answer is affirmatively yes (it is easier!). I am not writing this to promote promiscuity or to promote my sexiness (no need for I have close to zilt; maybe more than some bloggers out there, but not too much more). Here is why it is easier to find a partner when you already have one:-

(1) People with partners are relatively more secure then singletons, emotionally. They can handle rejections far better, which in turn, has a strong direct correlation with confidence (false or real). Confident people are naturally more attractive. Try talking to a good looking depressive. After 10 minutes of chat, not only will your libido goes MIA, your overall enthusiasm for life just sinks like a rock.

(2) The illusion of stability and reliability. Married people have this deceptive image of being reliable people. Why not, if someone is prepared to give his/her life to you by marrying you, you must be something awesome. Let me repeat, this is just an illusion, but this trickery of mind works magic on single people. (Real story, I know single KL people who purposely put on a wedding ring before going on a Friday night prowl just to improve their chances. This is crazy, but people are doing it - have you used this tactic before?)

(3) People with partners attract loose, wild characters who hate commitment. This companion-on-demand arrangement normally appeals to people who seek quick physical thrill, aka relationship adrenaline junkies. Typically, this no strings-attached relationships involve one if not two already-attached parties.

(4) Cheating/helping someone to cheat is fun (disclaimer: SSL does not condone anything that is hazardous to health, fun stuff may not necessarily be morally right, use your own intelligence to decide what is right for you). Cheating activities can only work only if one party is already attached. And trust me, they are more relationship fun-seekers than ooh look, I am so loyal people (potential liars).

(5) It is far cheaper (money terms and time) to go out with attached people. There is little time for games. Games are what cost relationship money and headaches. So the less time you play those games, the cheaper it'll get.Although the risk of complete catastrophe is higher (psycho jealous single partner and the likes wreaking havoc), but if the games are played underground (secretly)... it will save both parties a lot of money for the same physical returns. Since the world is going into recession, or near recession, I expect this activity to become more popular.

Disclaimer: Cheating is bad. (Bad is good?)


Anonymous jerine said...

your milf post attracted me 'cos i blogged almost the same thing.

anyway, thank you for the ring suggestion. i'll try that this week.

August 07, 2008 12:03 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

Q: Why is it easier to find a partner when you already have one?

A: The answer is affirmatively yes.

Whuh? What was the question?

August 07, 2008 9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lan :(

August 13, 2008 3:29 AM  

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