Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"I Was Raped"

Would you wear a "I Was Raped" T-shirt?

Jennifer Baumgardner
(a third wave feminist) of the "I Had An Abortion" T-shirt fame, wants female to take ownership of their rape experience - she has decided to expand her expertise to include "I Was Raped" as a current T-shirt.

"By having an object like this," Baumgardner explains to the New York Times, "that's so mundane, it sort of forces (rape) into everyday conversation."

Would you really want to pay USD$25 for a shrewd business idea that capitalises on people's misfortunes, or do you think she is fighting a real cause?

Somehow, I feel, there must be a better to get these victims to come forward, and more confidential way to support these so-called silent cases other than advertising their past on a piece of T-shirt. This is certainly very brave and very alternative, but I'm not so sure it will work in our society.

"...being public shatters the very silence that enables rape to be so common." -Scarleteen



There are so many T-shirt designs that touch on very sensitive matters. You can even find those in KL street markets. I don't want to sound too parental, but I think anyone who wears these designs should at least understand the message intended, and not just taken in by the hype.

I have also seen some ridiculous T-shirt messages. I have seen kids as young as 11-12 wearing "narcissism is a way of life!" and "I can do whatever f*ck I want". Well, if this is any consolation, at least they are learning to spell difficult words not taught in their school curriculum. Sigh.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Department of Justice needs to create a special department within itself that spcecifically focuses on sexual assault and rape investigations. Just like the Justice Department has the Drug Enforcement Agency for illegal narcotics investigations, it needs to have a special department for sexual assault and rape investigations. Present statistics are a s follows: An average of 1 in 6 women report being raped every year. However, seeing as how most rapes are not reported, it is estimated that actually 1 in 4 women are raped every year. And, in the rape cases that are reported, the conviction rate is about 5 or 6 percent. That is deplorable conviction rate! I believe this low conviction rate is why many women don't report their rapes. They know there will probably be no conviction, so why bother? If men were being raped with such frequency and the conviction rate was that low, I believe most of the Justice Department's investigative resources would be geared toward bringing those rapists to justice. I believe that if the Department of Justice created a special agency for investigating sexual assault and rape, state and local law enforcement agencies would follow suit, just as they have done with illegal narcotics investigations (i.e. the drug task-forces they have set up). Think of a woman in your life; your mother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt, niece, etc. In our society today, she stands a very good chance of being raped and very little chance of being served any justice for that rape. The Justice Department needs to do much more to stop sexual assault and rape.

April 09, 2008 9:59 PM  

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