Saturday, May 10, 2008

INNIT Ban Day 4 (let's be fair to them!)

"Whoever thinks the pen is mightier than the sword, has never encountered a keyboard. With internet access of course."
(modified from Wiki)

I am still gagged banned from publicising my entry on INNIT site. To be fair to them, they have every right to do whatever they please on their site. It is almost similar to someone asking you to step up of their car if you keep making annoying noises in it. Fair. It is their car afterall and I have no problem with that ban order.

But thankfully, there are other nicer, bigger cars around town to hitch a ride in!


The car models I am referring to are PetalingStreet,, StumbleUpon etc...


I said I won't be writing anymore on NN/Payout for now. But in order to be fair to NN, I had to include this entry. Better be fair than keeping a self-gag promise!

They did try to explain their bands (on 29 Nov 2007, see below), but they cannot reveal the precise mechanism/formula used for their allocation. We just know bands are chunks of average daily visits (I suppose it's Uniques rather than Impressions as in how many times a site is visited regardless whether it is from the same IP terminal, but need more clarification on this also). So it is not impossible to have two pay bands in a week if your blog had 2 different ads. What we won't know is how much of the actual ad revenue goes to operation cost and other misc. cost, and we do not know the actual TOTAL impressions for that week. But they can choose not to reveal them. Maybe one day they will - just like the MAS v AirAsia pricewar.

FROM NN support site:
What are bands? How are they allocated?
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Added: 29 Nov 2007

Bands are what we use to allocate earnings. They are based on your average daily visits in a given week.

If you have an average of 51-100 visits for example, you could be in band X, or if you had 101-150 visits a week you could be in band Y. Being in a higher band gives you more earnings if you are assigned to a campaign for that week.

The allocation of bands are confidential and subject to change from time to time as we monitor the overall traffic.

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