Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sisuahlai selling out?

I read this entry on XBlogger with (some) interest. Simply because my blog moniker and the words fearing and threats shared the same sentence. :)

XBlogger wrote: "In my previous post, I have somewhat felt Sisuahlai had suddenly turn himself to be like every other authority fearing blogger who at the sight of threats would remove his postings. Then at the opportunity of being given back his privilege, he would take it even though it meant compromising his integrity."

Me selling out because of threats? This is news.

As much as I don't agree with legal taunts, I also do not agree with needless online ad agency bashing. There has to be a credible agenda in any disagreement and protest, not just some masturbatory emotional off-loading. I am only asking for information pertaining to fair and open online ad revenue sharing because many of us have agreed to have those agencies as our online ad broker.

They are our middle-men. They need our business/involvement and traffic as much as we appreciate their diligent enterprise. Perhaps not in strict equal proportion.

I say give them a chance to reason - even if it means that they will take some time to provide a response. If indeed they behave in ways we deem as kid-like and childish, than we have even less reason to copy their antics and behave like one.

Call me a wishful thinker or foolhardy, but I believe they will respond to my queries (have sent them SSL's proposals). I hope these ad agencies can prove those bashers wrong.

Now don't disappoint.


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