Friday, March 14, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl part 3 of many (the final 12)

Once upon a time, in a land, not too far away from my city condo, 12 special ladies were ushered into this palatial shelter where they will receive weeks of intensive training. Wisdom and knowledge of the ancient art of looking pretty in various combination of clothes and poses will be imparted to these eager apprentices.

The host reminded the girls how lucky and bertuah to be the chosen 12. She advised, "now make yourself at home but be mindful at all times, we have a pool. If you use it wisely it will take you places. Now don't look at me like that... hurry up, got chance to wear bikini now. Chop chop."

(The mostly male camera crew could not believe their karma. What have they done to deserve this?)

Some of the apprentices were allowed into the diary room to air their grievances; or sometimes, just to share their views with the camera crew and host. Why this particular pretty padawan wore a bikini and a towel for the interview I also don't know. She look drugged? No0-la.

Master Elaine imparting some tips from the pedestal.

"This is the way of the wise my please stand up and wiggle your hips."

"Now look down at your toes; look for the signs... look"

"Now stand up and arch your back like this.."

But the best (these ones are not made up) Manglish lines came from Episode 3:

Elaine: "Both hands are out like that you know. One hand might be chopped off. So you just might want to angular a bit more, just suck in your tummy.." (Episode 3 part 2; clip 4:00 to 4:12)

Hand (arm) chopped off? What is this?
Hmm...what are the chances if this is an academy for selecting Malaysia's...

Sisua-salute to the Dreamgirl academy.


bertuah - (malay) fortunate
Manglish - mangled English/Malaysian English
Lu kong hamik -"what talk you"

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Blogger naeboo~ said...

elaine's tummy quite teh flabby in this episode. so much flabbbbbbbbbbbbb. only in msia, got this standard of "model"


March 15, 2008 9:12 AM  

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