Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How could it have happened?

BO-NYIA adj. "I don't believe it"

Ok, let's start with a hypothetical scenario. A married guy spent some personal time with a lady (who isn't his wife la). He didn't come home for dinner for weeks, in fact he spent all his nights with this lady friend.

Of course, his poor wife grew suspicious. Who wouldn't? Ok, she then got some very concerned family members together, and started a "missing person" search campaign.
Shock, horror, shock, shock. She and her batalion of family members discovered that the husband has in fact set up home with another lady, who turns out to be a young foreigner.

Ok. What does the wife do now? What can she do?

Consider these following 5 options (4 sensible solutions, and 1 absurd just to amuse you):

(a) File for divorce; or
(b) Ignore it and pretend everything is still rosy; or
(c) Reflect on the marriage (how could it possibly come to this?) and maybe seek counselling; or
(d) Verbally lash out at the wayward husband so he'll learn and understand his mistakes; or
(e) Spare the husband, and physically lash out at the foreign lady like caning her for 5 minutes, tie her hands together and then force her to a nearby Police Station, and report her.... for.... err.... let me think... charge her for, erm... anything such as prostitution and illegal stay.

This incident actually happened according to a certain Chinese daily. Instead of settling the score with options (a)-(d), the wife and her relatives deliberated and opted for (e)!

According to The Star report it seemed to me that option (e) could be enforced (perhaps only applicable in Klang, I don't know) without worry of the caned woman counter-suing for battery and privacy intrusion.

The whole incident sounds so absurd, and I do sometimes wonder if this story was cooked up by some disgruntled wives, just to remind wayward husbands and their female accomplices that mob law is justified when it comes to infidelity.

I wanna say bo-nyia to this story, but since The Star reported it, I have to believe it. Because everything that is printed in The Star has to be accurate, right?

Oh before I forget, for the husband, since there is no excuse for infidelity AT ALL, there is really only ONE option if the wife and her gang do turn up unexpectedly...... HIDE, QUICKLY!

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