Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tauhu chui "Hot N Cold"

As they say in Kuching Hokkien, pua sio leng (half cold half hot)! You can have your soya milk served this way. This is the only place I know you can use ambiguous terms and yet people seem to understand you.


Pua si pua wa' (half dead half alive)
Pua khongkham (half insane, yes, this is madness in the pre-digital, analogue age)

Now enjoy this video (Youtube Live 22 November 2008)...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Royal Mulu Mascot

Oh, how I like a good humour. Batty boy bat is indeed the loveliest creature ever to have emerged from the darkest crevices and cracks of Mulu caves. This must be someone's idea of a prank. And I like it.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Raja Petra writes and we listen

It is good to have him back. Back to what he does best: write, and write well.

My compulsory daily blog visit has always been Malaysia Today. To have the star columnist back is like having protein once again after months of bland carbohydrate online diet.

He served up another yummilicious article ("I am Malay, and proud of it") since his release from the ISA detention centre in Kamunting. And he has put forward a valid challenge in the final paragraph: To have the economic crutches removed and to really empower the major ethnic group of Malaysia. (The story before that final few paragraphs are slightly more entertaining yet true, so please read the link!)

I hope the new generation of policy-makers (Khairy, Nurul Izzah etc) will be able to make real and substantial changes, at the same time inspire and empower every Malaysian without the need for ethnic rhetoric ala Obama-style*.

I think the best way to start for these young politicians is to learn valuable lessons from Raja Petra's stories.

Welcome back Pete!

*I personally feel that we are not able to leave racial politics yet because we have not reached the necessary patriotism to do so. Obama united the majority of Americans (which has always been fragmented) with the promise of a better future and troubled times like these need a togetherness not seen before. He didn't even mutter a single word relating to ethnicity in his victory speech. This is indeed a substantial CHANGE. A change for the better.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama: inspirational leader, charisma 100%; Our PM-elect charisma 0%

When I say PM-elect, I really mean leader by divisional votes.
Congratulations to USA for showing the world that there is always hope for change (for the better) and for making us believe that real democracy does not know any racial barrier.
I am longing for a charismatic statesman to unstuck our country from denial and ancient practices.
Yes, we can.
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